New Standards of Laboratory Ceramic Worktops

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1.After each experiment, worktops should be cleaned in time to avoid fouling.

2.Daily cleaning: please choose suitable wiping tools according to the nature of stains, you could choose banana water, diluent, acetone to wipe the general stains; and choose "ceramic cleaner" oxalic acid diluent "to wipe alkaline stains.

3.Due to the material properties of ceramic Mesa, hydrofluoric acid and other chemical reagents have different effects on the Mesa, please use it carefully.

4.Please use it friendly, even though the table surface scratch resistance is good.


Post-sales commitment

1.Since the date of purchase, lifetime warranty.

2.Since the date of purchase, the overall 30-year free warranty.

3.For non-subjective damage to the table surface caused by the user during use, TOOK will repair or replace it for free.

4.After the free warranty period, the company will charge a service fee in accordance with the regulations, and the replacement product will be charged at the cost price.

5.The following conditions are not covered by the free warranty:

  a.Damage caused by force majeure (such as harsh environment);

  b.Damage caused by improper operation or improper storage by the user;

  c.Modification, transformation or repair of the product without our authorization;

  d.Those who can’t provide the contract of purchase with us.

6.The final interpretation right of this warranty clause belongs to our company.


After-sales consultation

Any problems encountered in the process of use, please call us 400-113-9003 !